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What is a self-storage unit and how do you use it?

What is a self-storage unit and how do you use it?

The storage unit is a place (for example, like a room, closet, in-door or outdoor container where temporarily the businesses partners or individuals can store their belongings. The leasers/renters are offered self-storage units of a different size and specifications (for example, heated or unheated). In general tenants lease the premises in short term (as moust – from one month to one year). The most common reasons for storing things/staff temporarily in the storage facility are : moving to another place, repair works at home, divorce, death of a close person, goods – delivered to the company, the need of gaining the space in your housing or business premises from the rarely used things and documents.

SAFE BOX self-storage opened october 2017, with the aim to meet our customer needs – and that would be – modern, comfortable, safe, clean, warm and dry spaces. In SAFE BOX self-storage units you can put extra long objects and store as many items as possible because the height of the ceiling is 3m. Clients have access to their belongings even on holidays. Each storage unit has a separate alarm and video surveillance 24/7. SAFE BOX self-storage units are easy to access. The warehouse is located at Vijciema street 1a (entering the territory from the side of Palmu Street). To view and evaluate the quality of the storage facilities and possible room sizes, please call us 27772247 and make the appointment for visit.

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