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SAFE BOX tips for best storage experience

SAFE BOX tips for best storage experience

Careful packaging and preparation for the storage will save you time and ensure that your staff is stored in the best possible condition.
Use special packaging materials (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, strong plastic bags, etc.).

The furniture

  • If you move the wardrobe, drawers, etc. – see to that – that they are completely empty, otherwise you can break them.
  • Clothes and personal items pack in the cardboard boxes or plastic bags.
  • For textiles – like pillows, curtains etc. – the best packing is plastic or vacum bags.
  • We do advise to take off furniture ’legs’ f.ex. bed, sofa, drawers – in this way you will save sapce and avoid damages.
  • Before storing – vacum clean your furniture – it will prevent insect damage.
  • We do recomend to cover the survices of chairs and other soft furniture with paper – that will prevent scraches or any other kind of damages. Please, do cover all the furniture, esp. sofas and shelves.

The technique

  • Before storing, make sure all white appliances (refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, etc.) are empty, clean and dry.
  • An air refessioner will do its job, if placed in the refrigerator, freeser or MW.
  • We do strongly recoment – to keep yor fridges an freesers empty. In this way Yau will avoid odors and shelf damages.

Glass and fradile objects

  • Pack all fragile items individually in cloth or paper (do not use newspapers and magazines – because they will cause stains ), put them in a box and make sure you have written word “fragile” on the box.
  • All fragile subj./obj. should be kept in boxes of a resistable material..
  • We recomend to add extra softening materials in the bottom and the top of the box.
  • Plates, saucers and other similar subjects – please place them in a standing /vertical positinon to avoid crashes.
  • The object’s inner space – fill with paper, plastic or textile – that will seve as extra protection.
  • Make sure – how you place your belongings – the fragile boxes always shoul be on the top.
  • Paintings, photo frames and mirrors must be wrapped in cardboard or special photo frame / mirror boxes.

The electronics

  • The origanal el-pacing boxes is the best.
  • If those re not available – place them in resistable carton boxes.
  • Before storage – make sure – that all the electical items are clean and dry.
  • Make sure – that other boxes, placed over the electical device packning, woun’t damage them.

The metal objects

  • To avoid the corrosion – put some drops of oil an work it in on such metas obojects as tools before wrapping them in.
  • Store the metal subjects seperatly from items that are coloured, like furniture.
  • Silver items should be placed in the textile bags.

You are not allowed to store:

You may not store items that are dangerous, illegal, stolen, flammable, explosive, dangerous, environmentally damaging, perishable or are threatening to the property of any other person.
And that includes items such as gasoline, paint solvents, full gas balloons or chlorine.

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