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    SAFEBOX customer reviews

    (13/02/2021) “The service was very professional and amazing. We are very happy.”
    (13/02/2021)  “Very friendly and responsive service, safe environment.”
    Michel Sleiman: (01/02/2021) “Flexible, polite, good service. That is how it should be. Thank You Klinta.”
    SIA Deaox: (01/02/2021) Great team. Superb conditions, high level feedback. Thank you for your hard work. I look forward to further cooperation. “ 
    Konstantins: (01/10/2020) “Thank you. It is very pleasant to do business with you.”
    Inese: (27/08/2020) “Thank you for the opportunity. We will definitely use your service again.”
    Ivars Tomsons: (26/08/2020)“Perfect place to store belongings! Access to storage – any day, any time, convenient location, tidy environment and very friendly price! Thank you very much for the service provided! Recommended!”
    Edijs: (01/08/2020) “Thank you very much for the good service. I will definitely recommend it to friends.”
    Ivars: (31/07/2020)  “Thank you for cooperation. I will definitely recommend you to acquaintances or I will come back myself if needed.”
    Lauma Brežģe: (13/06/2020) “Great place for storing any kind of belongings. Outdoor containers are very spacious and really clean, dry and high quality. The whole area is in great, tidy condition and the indoor premises are pleasant, light and bright, and very clean. Easy to drive and get access at any time. The modern solution for storing belongings is highly appreciated. Recommended!”
    Edgars: (20/05/2020) “Thank you, I have already recommended your storage room to a couple of people! Pleasant cooperation.”
    Edgars Akers: (23/01/2020) “Thank you for cooperation. Everything was superb.”
    Artis: (03/09/2019) “Thank you for this cooperation. If there is a need for a warehouse, I will contact you again. Have a nice day, Artis.”
    Aija Stūrmane: (12/05/2019) “Simple and clear rules for renting premises. Always clean rooms. Convenient location. And responsive staff! I will definitely recommend it to my friends.”
    Līva: (09/05/2019) I really liked the atmosphere and the service. Definitely recommended. Convenient access and everything is easy to understand, very welcoming communication with the staff. Recommended.”
    Ivo : (09/05/2019) ”About SAFE BOX is easy to explain, everything is great and can not be better!”
    Anita: (12/04/2019)“Thank you very much, Klinta. Everything was comfortable and good. There are no suggestions for improvement.”
    Zane: (25/03/2019) “Thank you for your kind service!”
    Egija: (14/03/2019)“Thank you for your understanding and nice service.”
    Andris: (13/03/2019) “Thank you very much for the information. I am very pleasantly surprised at the promptness and quality of this process. You can only enjoy this attitude towards work and clients! Thank you very much – excellent service:)
    Raivis: (12/02/2019) “If there is ever a need for a storage room again, I will definitely come to you.”
    Marina: (17/01/2019)“Very kind and loving attitude, warm and dry storage premises, convenient access system and reasonable price. Thank you, it was a pleasure to cooperate with you! :)”
    Artjoms: (18/10/2018)“Great service, great premises, polite and nice business owner! I recommend it to everyone, there is no better place in Riga. 10 out of 10 points. Thank you for everything.”
    Jolanta F: (13/10/2018)“Comfortable, safe and more free space in the house :)”
    Ēriks: (31/08/2018) “Thank you again for this service”
    Edvīns: (12/07/2018)“Thank you. I really liked everything. If necessary, we will use Safebox again.”
    Paulis Nimrods: (04/04/2018) “Very good and convenient service.”
    Natālija Sokolova : (30/03/2018) “Thank you very much Safe Box for the responsiveness and sense of security I received from the first communication when we started cooperation. So far, I thought that safe storage of belongings could be ensured only at home under 3 keys, but now I understand that SAFE BOX is a great alternative, moreover so, if there is limited space in the house to store bicycles, furniture, books, etc. Thank you very much for the service provided! And the convenient location – Teika district – should definitely be emphasized.”
    Olita Ruska : (30/03/2018) “Safe and comfortable! I enjoyed the service and the fact that access is available 24 hours a day, even on weekends.
    Ludmila: (29/03/2018)“If you have a problem with the storage of your belongings, I recommend using Safe Box services! Liked everything! Storage premises, the price, attitude towards the client! Thank you! It was a pleasure to cooperate!”
    Aleksandrs: (29/03/2018) “Great service and quality storage premises! I highly recommend it! Only positive impressions! “
    Elfa Kalniņa: (20/03/2018) “Easy access and safe storage of your belongings in these warehouses. Great!”
    Arnis Rezovskis: (10/02/2018) “They meet with potential customers outside working hours to show the premises. There are both carts and stairs to bring and arrange your belongings. Easy to understand access to your belongings. The premises are dry and at a moderate temperature all year round.”
    Dana Ruska: (24/01/2018) Definitely RECOMMENDED! Very pleasant and high quality place in terms of both service and equipment.”
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