Are children allowed to be within the area ?
Yes, they can be within the area, if the responcible person for the child/children is present and fulfilling it’s duties.

Can I access my storage room at any time ?
Yes, the client has the access to his/her own storage dightnight round.

Can I allow antother peron the access to my storage room ?
Yes – you can register as many persons as you wish in your contract to whom you will give your alarm system code as well as the key to the storage room.

Can I park my car overnight in the territory’s parking lot ?
Sorry, it is not possible. For safety reasons, the parking lot’s usage is quite limited and is ment only for customers to load or unload of their belongings.

Can/may any other person use my storage room for their belongings ? / May I store another persons belongings in my storage room ?
Yes. You have been garanted an irrevocable/indorcible right to store the goods in your storage facility. And you are responsible for allowing someone else to access your storage room on your behalf. These persons must be listed among authorized persons in your contract. This can be done before you became a customer – by pointing out other persons in your contrac,t or by calling our customer support center by phone 27772247 already after you have signed the agreement.

Is there any access fee?
Access to your storage facilities is free of charge 24 hours 7 days a week. You can come and go as often as you need, no extra costs.

I have forgotten my PIN code, what shell I do?
As this information is confidentional, you will need to contact our customer support center – phone nr. 27772247 and answer some security questions to confirm your identity. They will then re-approve the PIN entry code stored in your account. Please note, that this number will be only granted to those persons who have access rights, stated in your contract.

What are SAFE BOX working hours?
SAFE BOX storages can only be accessed by existing customers and staff. If you are not yet our customer, but you want to see and evaluate our storages, you are welcome to call our customer support center ph. nr. 27772247 (Monday – Friday 8: 00-17: 00) to arrange the most convenient time and day for visiting us.


Can/may I change my storage room from smaller to bigger and vice versa?
Yes. If the amount of storage is changed and want to change the rented area, you can do it at any time, if we do have a free warehouse in yor required size. You just have to sign a new contract and move your belongings from one space to another.

If I have booked the wrong size of the storage room, can I change it?
Yes. We will show you the storeroom of your choice when you arrive to store your belongings and if it is not suitable for you, you will be able to change it for any other free storage room. If you will consider/reconsider that you have booked the wrong streroom before your scheduled date of ‘mooving-in’, we can change it, if you call us at 27772247.


Can I get a discount if I pay for a long-term storage?
You can make a pre-payment for any period of time, from 6 months to 2 years. It will give you a 5% discount on total storage costs.

Does SAFE BOX offer a price warranty ?
Any offer by our competitosr must be submitted to us in writing to or meeting with any of SAFE BOX representatives face-to-face. Verbaly named prices is not acceptable. All our competitor’s offers are to be received within 2 weeks after the date of conclusion of your contract or they must be presented to SAFE BOX before the conclusion of our contract.
Any offer by our competitor must be from a competitor located 6 km from our SAFE BOX storage facility and offer similar storage services. That means that the offer must have a similar fire safety and security system as well as an equivalent quality of the warehouse equipment.
Our price guarantee/warranty can not be used with any other sales discount offer. The price of any SAFE BOX storage room is valid for 1 month. SAFE BOX reserves the right to revoke this price guarantee at any time. The price offer warranty is valid for maximum 6 monthes, after which the price automatically changes to our standard service price.

Does SAFE BOX offer a student discount?
Currently, we do not offer student discount.

Do you offer a discount, if I recommend SAFE BOX to a friend?
Yes. If you advice us a person, whom we have not contacted yet or have not spoken to, and this person will keep his/hers belongings with us for at least 4 weeks, you can receive a 50% discount from your next 4-week storage rent, including VAT, for a value not more than 100 EUR. This discount is not to be combined with any other discounts.


SAFEBOX storage facilities offer a wide range of rented storage space from 1m3 to 14m2. As well as indoor storage facilities and outdoor containers.


Before signing the contract you have to present your personal identification document: passport, ID card or driver’s license.


In the nearest future, we plan to offer you an insurance policy opportunity for your property.


The rent agreement is concluded for an indefinite time period. The minimum rental period is 30 calendary days. You can terminate the rent agreement at any time by informing us in a written form 7 days in advance. You have to subbmit this document to us by sending a written application to the e-mail address


When signing the Contract for renting the storage room, you will be given the access code with which you have the right to use the property safely 24 hours a day during the whole renting period.

For our customer’s convenience – we give you free access to use our light stairs, freight trolleys and pallet trucks, if necessary whin in-louding or out-louding your belongings.


Terminating the contract for storage room, you must empty the storage facility until the expiry date of the contract, i.e. within 7 days after sending the application to the e-mail address

While remooving your belongings – you will have cost-free access to stairs, trolleys and pallet lifters.

When handing back to us the stoorage room, it has to be in the same condition as when rented to you, ofcourse, taking in considorance the natural wear.


The storage facilitys are accesseble 24h a day year round.


We offer yoy 3 kinds of payments:
• Using automatic payments during the contract period.
• Payment according to monthly Invoice, sent by us.
• Payment in cash at our office against the document.


We offer prices from 15 Eur per month. As well as when signing the contract, we offer a 50% discount from the full monthly rent for the first 2 months, if the renting contract is not terminated atleast 4 monthes.


We offer You the safiest storage facilitys in Latvia. Each storeroom is guarded with an individual security alarm, which is connected to the 24-hour security central guarding panel.
The Vijciemas street 1a territory is surrounded with a metal fence and an has electronic gateway, illuminated 24/7, and 24/7 video surveillance is continuously monitored.

How to enter :

1) you can enter the teritory only with your own personal code, that you put in the electronical gateway control panel
2) to come into the main building – you will have to enter your code once more
3) then to disconect alarm system from only your storage room – yau will enter code, to dissconet alarm from the central alarm panel in the system
4) unlock the storage room with the unique key that only the client has.


Our co-operation partner “Komanda 24”/”Team 24” offers manhandle services, if you need to moove to another locality. Call us at +371 20167006.


You can store different kind of things and staff, but do not store and hold animals, perishable products, substances with strong aroma, chemically dangerous, explosive, flammable, narcotic substances and weapons.

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